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Ministry of Agriculture: the production of milk to make a cost-effective

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) considers it necessary to create tools that will increase the profitability of dairy production and make it profitable. This was announced to journalists by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev.

According to the minister, the milk production is the major concern and anxiety. "We, unfortunately, almost stand still", - said Tkachev.

"We are now with stakeholders, including business, develop a roadmap. We believe that milk production should be done cost-effective, interesting, to create such tools in order to milk production was profitable. Then investors will come, and we will begin to close this gap, "- said Tkachev. According to him, until the level of profitability of milk production up to 10%, and low prices "closed the way for more and more investment."

Now shortage of milk in Russia is 8 million tons per year, recalled Tkachev. This factory products from other countries, including Belarus.

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