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International Institute for taste and quality summed up the annual blind tasting foods and beverages from around the world

The International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) from Brussels in the bags of the following food tasting.

The products can be tasted noslіp, without any signs of identification - labels, names, brands, krayn prokhodzhennya tosho. Kozhen member of the journal vistavlyaє product assessment, as a visual representation of the gourmet satisfaction of the expert. Also appreciate the aroma, relish, savor, callous viglyad and color. In order to unify sub-activities, the product is estimated by a large number of members of the journal, requested from the decile regions. The best products to buy one of the most prestigious and bazhani for virobniks in the city - Superior Taste Award ("For the most delicious gusto").

Following the tasting expert in 2016, the iTQi award was first awarded the Ukrainian mineral water production. Namely - "Morshyn" slabohazovana won three gold stars "for the best taste» - 2016. This is the highest score of the jury, when the product is assigned a category "For the best taste." It can be compared with three Michelin stars, which are awarded to the best restaurants in the world.

"Few people think about the taste of water - the main beverage in the life of every person on the planet. Water can be very different flavor and character through different mineral content, nominated by the geology, soils and climate. So in Europe we always celebrate it natural water, to which a person does not interfere, "- says the famous Italian sommeliers Giuliano Gianotti, a member of the jury of Superior Taste Award - 2016.

The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels is an authoritative organization for expert evaluation and certification of gourmet products and drinks in the world. The evaluation of the products is taken by the journals from the qualified tasters and the knowledgeable experts in their field. The warehouse of journals is established by partnerships with reputable cultural organizations and the International Association of Sommels.

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