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On Akkond factory launched a new production line of tidal sweets

The head of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatiev, took part in the launch of a new AKKOND production line for the production of tart sweets.

According to the press service of the Head of Administration of the Chuvash Republic, the event was attended by Minister of Agriculture Sergey Artamonov, Minister of Education Yury Isaev, Head of the city administration Alex Ladyka.

The participants of the ceremony and the first trip to the new steel production Primary school pupils 4-Lyceum of Cheboksary.

A visit to the confectionery factory students become a good tradition. It supports Michael Ignatieff. On his initiative, several classes from schools and districts of the republic visited the production workshop of confectionery factory.

The head of Chuvashia noticed that the products of one of the most famous confectionery manufacturers in Russia AKKOND proved to be impeccable quality, loved both in our country and abroad, and compete with world manufacturers. “It is very important that our children have the opportunity to have quality products from domestic manufacturers. Every year, together with you, we are opening more than one new line, which means that the “sweet planet” is developing, ”the Head of the Republic emphasized.

It was noted that only 2016 year put into operation four production lines for the production of chocolates Assorted chocolates tidal jelly, candy praline and waffle desserts.

Director General Valery Ivanov noted that the company now produces more than 500 confectionery items, which are delivered in all regions of Russia and in 25 countries near and far abroad. Develop new markets: China, South Ossetia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Vietnam, Estonia.

“This is very significant. Russian President Vladimir Putin sets the goal of increasing exports of domestic products. About 7 thousand tons will go this year outside the Russian Federation. This is an impressive figure, ”said Mikhail Ignatiev.

Currently, the company is building her 3-line logistics center, designed another production building. Between 2011-2015 years in the modernization of production it has been invested more than 3.5 billion rubles, organized more than 600 new jobs.

The ceremony ended with the traditional cutting of the red ribbon, and then conducted a tour for schoolchildren, presented them with gifts from Santa Claus.

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