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In Red Square, people usroili crush of lettuce

4 September set a record in the framework of the Spasskaya Tower festival on Red Square - they prepared 20 tons of 100 kilograms of Greek salad.

Try it it's a few hundred people.

But portions of salad were able to get only the first person 30, and then started crowd.

- All back! Then the child was crushed, - shouted a man in the crowd.

- Only forward! Hold the ranks! - I shouted at him from the back of the young.

The police asked the crowd to pass on Vasilevsky descent, to clear the area for the festival, but the crowd hungry Muscovites demolished the fence. People grabbed the empty plastic containers and wondered: "Where is the salad?" "A salad is?".

Not finding on Vasilevsky descent of the promised treats citizens went home with nothing. And some as compensation for disappointment plucked from the tables cloths glued tape, and took them with him.

However, according to the organizers, everything went well.

- In general, all distributed. Maybe the rest of the salad, that the juice was quite empty, not distributed, - said Metro Director of Advertising and PR of the festival "Spasskaya Tower" Love Belesku. - Half accurately distributed. There was no stampede. Quietly, in a queue all handed out. Guinness raised and locked.

Culinary happy holiday and were volunteers, who cut all the ingredients for the salad.

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