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In Moscow markets all illegal caviar

Sold at Moscow markets caviar is fully poaching, he said in an interview RNS Astrakhan Region Governor Alexander Zhilkin.

"All the illegal caviar in your markets.

The whole ", - he said.

Buyers of caviar in trade networks Governor recommended to check the certificates of origin. Eggs can only be from specialized farms involved in artificial breeding of sturgeon. In the Astrakhan region of 18 farms.

"This year will be produced and sold about 15 500 tons of caviar and sturgeon meat tons. All the rest is discharged into the river, "- said Zhilkin.

Russia imposed a ban on commercial fishing of sturgeon in the Volga-Caspian Basin in the year 2000, sturgeon and stellate sturgeon - in 2005-m. In 2011 year moratorium on commercial fishing of sturgeon entered all the Caspian states, in 2016-m it was extended to the end-of 2017.

"However, the moratorium does not mean that the poachers are not fish. The fight against this animal desire to live one day and "grab", and then could not care less - not only within my competence "- said Zhilkin.

He also noted that at the national level all the Caspian states started an active fight against poaching.

"They are tough enough and our poachers. There were cases of the use of weapons with lethal outcome from our partners on the Caspian Sea towards our citizens. You just need to clean up the mess. Sturgeon - this is not an elephant. Each fish gives an average 350 000 eggs. Reproducibility is quite high, "- said Zhilkin.

The head of the region in favor of the most severe punishment for poachers.

"I was always a supporter of tough measures against poachers. For me, three categories - poachers, traffickers and rapists - is illegal. I'm even having the right to pre-pardon, never to these three categories do not take a positive decision, "- said Zhilkin.

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