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In Tambov will breed sturgeon

The complex on breeding sturgeon will open in the Tambov region in 2017 year, said "RIA Novosti", spokesman of the regional administration.

"Gated power supply original 30 tons of fish per year will be located on an area of ​​1000 square meters in the Tambov region.

The first stage of the project involves the breeding of sturgeon, but it is planned to produce up to 50 tonnes per year of species of fish such as sea bream, trout, African catfish. The project cost is about 160 million rubles, "- a spokesman said.

The business plan for the construction in the region of the complex for the production of fish introduced the head of administration of the Tambov region, Alexander Nikitin, head of the project, "Tambov sturgeon" Alexei Borodin. Currently, work is underway on the cadastral registration of the land under the property. The complex is to be built for about three months.

The project aspires to become one of the priorities for the development of the region, as there is currently Tambov fish farmers provide only 20% required rate of fish consumption, added the press service.

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