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In Ukraine soared minimum prices for alcohol

"The government has decided to implement the adjustment of the minimum price on alcoholic beverages. In particular, the size of the minimum wholesale selling and retail prices, depending on the code of products increased: on vodka and alcoholic beverages on 27,1-27,86%; whiskey, rum and gin - at 37-63%; brandy (brandy) - on 24-27%; wine - at 22,2-55,6%.

Thus, the minimum retail price for a bottle of vodka 0,5 liters of alcohol content 40% increased from 54,90 to 69,78 hryvnia, or 27,1%. This is due to the fact that the minimum prices introduced in 2015 in September did not correspond to the real costs of economic entities for the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, since: - the excise tax rates, in particular for vodka, alcoholic beverages and brandy, increased by 50 %, and on wine with the addition of alcohol, sparkling and vermouth - by 100%; - the price of alcohol has increased (in April of the current year, the price for 1 decaliter of alcohol increased from 240 to 285 hryvnia, or by 18,7%); - there was an increase in other component prices. ”

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