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German Lidl has announced the opening day of a network in Lithuania

German retail network Lidl finally announced when the first stores will open in Lithuania. As reported in the press release of Lidl Lietuva, the stores will open the doors of 2 June.

In 8 hours of the morning will open immediately 15 stores throughout Lithuania, transfers DELFI.

"Thank you all for waiting patiently for the opening of the first stores. We are glad that we can present in Lithuania what Lidl is famous for in the whole world - the best price-quality ratio, "says Radostin Ruseev-Peine, CEO of Lidl Lietuva.

The sales network made sure that on the opening day there were enough workers in the stores who would meet residents wishing to familiarize themselves with the regular Lidl assortment and special offers and purchase goods for which discounts are offered.

"On the opening day, we will direct the flows of customers in stores, help you to add the purchased goods, will regulate traffic in parking lots. We hope for your understanding if, due to a great interest in the first hours or days of the shops, you stay here longer than planned, "said Ruseev-Peine.

Recall that the opening of Lidl stores has been spoken for several months, but the trading network has constantly denied the information about the possible opening date.

Lidl started its activity in Lithuania a couple of weeks ago, when it began to actively advertise in social networks and the media. To the advertising campaign Lidl connected basketball player Arvydas Sabonis.

Lidl Lietuva was registered in Lithuania back in 2002, but in 2006 it was decided to suspend the development of the trading network. The trading network resumed its plans in 2011. Then she started to buy real estate, build shops.

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