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Nestle-CPW launched a new production line of breakfast cereals

On the confectionery factory of "Nestle Russia" in the Sverdlovsk region of Perm, the launch of a new line of "Syriana Patners Rus", "Nestle" and "General Mills' joint venture for the production of breakfast cereals. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the regional and city authorities, the company's management.

- The Nestle company is an example of compliance with world standards in manufactured products, production culture, environmental policy and other important areas of its activity. Our city is chosen to expand the production of the company. The administration of Perm contributed to this investment project, and the common efforts were successful - a new production was opened. The company once again confirms investor confidence in Perm; it is no coincidence that last year the city showed a record increase in investment. The city authorities will continue to provide comprehensive support in the deployment of new production facilities, ”said Victor Ageev, Deputy Head of Perm Administration.

Sergey Tatarkin, director of breakfast cereals Nestle-CPW business in Russia and Eurasia, thanked the city authorities for assistance in expanding the company's production capacity. The volume of production prior to the opening of the new line was more than 22 thousand tons per year, and now the number of products can reach 35 thousand tons annually. Total investment in the new line up 1,3 billion rubles.

The company pays special attention to product quality, so that all suppliers of grain are rigorously tested to comply with quality and safety standards. Most of the grain for the production of breakfast supplied by local producers, in particular, OJSC "Perm flour mill".

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