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Awards HOLKOF GmbH for the great taste of sausage

8 gold medals out of ten applications - a good result of HOLKOF GmbH, confirming the high quality of its products "Made in Germany".

In 2016 the company HOLKOF GmbH once again took part in the annual competition of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), put up for court experts a wide range of sausage products made by our own technology with the use of complex mixtures of own production.

Again, the products fell to the taste of a strict commission, winning now 8 gold awards! Among the contestants this time were not only smoked sausages, which are traditionally famous for the assortment of STAR-MIX, but also boiled and semi-smoked sausages. Last year's success was smoked sausage from poultry meat, which used a mixture of SalamiStar 38 - a bestseller from the salami assortment. Also, the original taste of SalamiStar 64 with a pronounced bouquet of herbs and SalamiStar 3 was highly appreciated, which gives a bright piquant taste and rich color of red paprika with traditional salami of the Mediterranean.

The cooked group also did not disappoint: two golds were given to sausages - with a mixture of Frankfurter Super STAR Combi and Creamy STAR Combi, as well as boiled sausage with the Doctor's STAR Combi. These flavor-aromatic complex mixtures perfectly emphasize the traditional taste of cooked sausages due to the noble notes of muscat and pepper. Each of them complements sausages and sausages, in turn, mustard or creamy note, or spicy sharpness. Another gold went to the Vienna boiled-smoked sausage, where the same spicy complex mixture with black pepper and nutmeg was used.

ABOUT COMPETITION: Every year the German Agricultural Association conducts an independent evaluation of the order of 30 thousand of food products from different product groups, of which about 6,5 thousand are sold to sausage and ham products from manufacturers in Germany and other countries. Among the experts are representatives of leading food institutions and organizations, as well as production and quality control specialists. In the main competition, to which only products that have successfully passed the necessary laboratory tests are allowed, the claimed samples are evaluated according to their organoleptic parameters: appearance, smell, taste and consistency. The results of the competition are important both for consumers for whom the DLG sign is an additional choice when choosing a product, and for producers - the list of laureates of the contest becomes public. Winners are awarded with the signs of the Agricultural Society - gold, silver or bronze.

About the product: HOLKOF GmbH produces a spicy mixture, starter cultures and functional ingredients under the trade mark "STAR-MIX" at the factory in Germany and offers a full product line of products for the meat industry, where every customer can find an effective solution for their production.

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