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New products for the production of dairy products

According to analytical studies of the market of dairy products can be seen that the market for milk and dairy drinks began to gain momentum again. Depending on the price category of products (economy class and premium) experts of the company "Food Stabilizers" has developed a number of new integrated food additives and food systems for milk and dairy drinks.

We wish to pay attention that food complexes, unlike food additives in their composition does not contain starches and other additives under the code "E", and starches which do not stain with iodine sample. A comprehensive food additives used in the manufacture of products of economy class.

For the production of kefir, ryazhenka and drinking yoghurt, two new items have appeared in our product range - this is the complex food additive “Cartek P” and the food complex “Stemix Lact”.

Fermented beverages economy class represent a new additive "Multek P". The finished product with a complex food additive "Multek P" has a viscous uniform consistency without separation of serum. During the manufacture of sour milk, longing to withstand additive 4 hours without changing the viscosity and homogeneity of the final product.

For milk beverages premium class, without the use of components with the "E" code is well established food complex "Stemiks Lact." With a small dose of a food complex enhances the creamy taste of the final product. The resulting product has a soft thick consistency.

Another novelty for fermented milk products is a comprehensive dietary supplement "Multek Sol". With its design takes into account the requirements for products with a long shelf life, such as heat-treated yogurt and sour cream. Complex food supplement "Multek Sol" provides a high stabilizing and thickening properties, retains viscosity at prolonged pumping of product packing. This food additive can be used for conventional dessert yogurt (with and without filler), sour cream, and sour cream product.

Receiving more and more requests from our numerous clients to expand the line of dairy dessert products, we have another novelty in the assortment of the complex food additive “Cartek”. This food additive is used in the manufacture of puddings and liquid chocolate. “Multek” gives the product a creamy glossy consistency and also prevents the separation of cocoa particles and settling in the finished product. Also, the food additive “Multek” was developed on puddings without cocoa powder with tastes of caramel, vanilla and creme brulee.

Shabalova E.D. Food Stabilizers LLC

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