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New models of refrigerators Bosch demonstrate the advantages of modern technology

New facets of German quality

Traditionally brand refrigerators Bosch valued in our market for reliability, comfort, good functionality. The new models are fully compliant with the reputation of the brand. They are distinguished by smart design, low battery consumption. They use the most advanced proprietary technologies leading German manufacturer of household appliances.

Devices of the new line are divided into several series. KGN39VW35 model belongs to a series of 4. Units in this series are equipped with electronically controlled, have the ability to adjust the humidity level. They are roomy and comfortable due to the ergonomic set of inner containers.

The model belongs to the popular two-chamber type. The total net volume of its cameras is 366 l. Of these, 279 reserved for the refrigerator compartment, 87 - for the freezer. The external dimensions of the unit are moderate. Its height - 203 cm, width and depth - 60 and 66 cm, respectively. These dimensions make it possible to place it even in a small kitchen. Worth mentioning is also the possibility to outweigh the door. The color model - classic white, which will fit almost any interior style.

Refrigerator with fine tuning

Partitioned interior cameras will appeal to those who like to lay everything on the shelves. Refrigerator compartment contains five shelves of tempered glass, which can be set at different heights. Additionally provided metal "wavy" grille bottles. For products that are not required to be stored at very low temperature, there are four compartments at the door.

Distribution of cold air inside the chamber is provided Multi-Airflow system. Thanks to the air flows evenly and gently cooled all levels of the department.

At the bottom of the camera is a spacious area VitaFresh freshness. This technology provides two compartments with different levels of humidity. The first - the separation of "dry" cold, where there are two separate container. There is to put fresh meat and fish. The second part, where the humidity level is higher, is intended for vegetables or fruits. For this compartment it is possible to set the desired humidity level. By controlling the rate, we can ensure that food stays fresh longer, not zasyhaya.

Maintain cleanliness in the spacious compartment is easy. By the way, it is unlikely it will have to be washed frequently. To ensure hygiene AirFreshFilter carbon air filter is present here. It eliminates odors, antibacterial and antimicrobial action.

The freezer compartment is located below the refrigerator. This arrangement is especially popular for modern refrigerators. There are three transparent drawers that allow you to easily sort the products. One of the containers has a freeze calendar. This model supports the technology of fast freezing SuperCooling. Even when a large volume of fresh food is placed inside the chamber, it maintains the set temperature. It is possible to use the fast cooling mode. It will make the device work for 6 hours at a temperature of + 2 ° C. Then it will return to normal operation.

An additional advantage of this model is the use NoFrost technology. It excludes accretion of frost or ice in the freezer. Consequently, there is no need for defrosting.

Using the refrigerator

device management, configuration parameters of its work is carried out by means of an electronic system. It is located inside of the cooling chamber. In addition to setting the humidity level, the selection of fast freezing mode, it allows you to adjust the cooling temperature. Moreover, the temperature adjustment is performed for the refrigerating and freezing chambers separately. This is possible thanks to the two cooling circuits.

An important feature of a modern home appliance - frugality. This model has the highest energy saving class A ++. There's even coverage of the refrigerator compartment is subject to reasonable economy. For this problem, apply bright LEDs, which consume minimum power.

Unfortunately, this model does not apply to members of the quietest of its kind. However frightening growl from her and do not expect. The noise level during its operation - 41 dB. This is the average, normal for the device with automatic defrosting technology.

Alas, some nice features that are present in older series, here. For example, a signal that produces the machine if the door is not closed. However, most of the basic functions are present. Features and specifications of the unit allow to call it a versatile solution for a wide variety of conditions.


The Bosch refrigeration units deservedly use the glory of high-quality, comfortable devices. Model KGN39VW35 from the new series is endowed with a large set of functions and capabilities developed by this company. This unit refers to thoughtful, functional refrigerators, which are designed to make life comfortable. It does not have fashionable frills like connecting to Wi-Fi or a large touch screen. All of its functions are aimed at the best performance of immediate tasks of refrigeration equipment. Spacious cameras, ergonomic offices make it a good choice for a family of several people. The possibility of separate temperature control, humidity control allows creating the most suitable conditions for storage of various products. This unit is easy to maintain and operate. The universality of the model is emphasized by its laconic design.

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