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Named the new danger of drinking beer

Researchers from Victoria University in Australia found that drinking half a liter of beer a day increases the risk of prostate cancer in the 23 percent. About the study reports the publication Daily Mail.

Dr. Tim Stockwell and his colleagues analyzed previous work on this topic and found a common mistake for them. In their study, the authors found that drinking one beer or two glasses of wine contributes to the development of cancer. However, even 0,3 liters of beer per week increases the risk of developing this disease. However, exactly how alcohol causes tumor growth is not established.

"Alcohol is associated with several types of cancer, including breast and bowel cancer, but this study shows that there is a link between alcohol and prostate cancer," - said Dr. Jasmine Justa. For this reason, the researchers caution people who regarded themselves as moderate drinkers, and thought that they were not at risk.

It was reported earlier, he writes "to", that despite the significant investment and innovation, new cancer drugs approved in the last 10 years, may not affect the survival of patients. According to experts, many patients are spending a six-figure sum for the purchase of drugs that prolong life only for a few weeks or months.

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