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Turnover of retail foodstuffs dropped to 4,4% in October

The reduction in retail trade turnover in October 2016 years 4,4% accelerated to an annualized basis, according to the Ministry of Economic Monitoring (MED) "On the current situation in the Russian economy in January - October 2016 years."

Earlier, four months in a row there was a tendency to slow down the reduction - from minus 6,2% in June to minus 3,6% in September.

"At the deterioration of the dynamics of retail trade turnover in October 2016 was largely influenced by a reduction turnover of food, beverages and tobacco products to 5,4% y / y (4,4% y / y in September 2016 city)," - says the Ministry of Economic .

"After the near-zero dynamics in July - August 2016 city and a small growth recorded in September, the dynamics of retail trade turnover excluding the seasonal factor in October 2016 years again returned to negative values: a decline of 0,5% (to the previous month - RNS.) "- said the mayor.

In January - October 2016 year retail trade turnover decreased by 5,3% yoy.

In the first nine months continued reduction of retail trade turnover in many food groups. One of the highest decline in retail turnover is fish and seafood due to a substantial share of imports and high prices. For those products that could replace domestic (meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables), there is a slight increase in retail sales.

Reducing the volume of retail sales for many groups of non-food products prices slowed against the background of slowing down.

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