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"Okay," can go to competitors

The owners seventh revenue Russian retailer "Okay" negotiating the sale of its stake in the network, according to "Vedomosti", citing sources familiar with the negotiators.

Among the applicants are “Auchan” and “Lenta”, the publication’s interlocutors say. “Lenta” intends in the near future to acquire a large Russian retailer, said one of the co-owners of the company, without specifying which retailer is in question.

Sources named among the applicants and the largest Russian retailer "Magnet". Confirm this publication it failed.

The main shareholders of "Okay" - Dmitry Korzh Dmitry Troitsky and Boris Volchek. According to the retailer associated entities controlled 78,97% of the company.

On the London Stock Exchange "Okay" was worth $ 597,3 19 million the evening of December. This is significantly lower valuation of the company at the IPO in November of 2010 - 2,95 billion $.

"Ok" to start a business with hypermarkets. For several years, the network figures are stagnating. In this regard, "Okay" was to open supermarkets, discounters, "Yes!". The company changed the top management, the owners began to actively participate in the management of the company.

In the second half of 2015 "Okay" sold "Lenta" hypermarkets and three unfinished three parcels, citing a desire to focus on the priority cities and regions for it.

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