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Oktoberfest will be held in any weather

In Germany, with a twinkle, the famous German Oktoberfest is celebrated, which even the bad weather played at the festival could not spoil. Despite the rain and gloomy sky, large-scale parades, dances and music continue to delight all who came.

Separately, it is worth noting that the Bavarian beer festival will be remembered not so much by the weather or parades, as by security measures. All entrances and weekends to the event are controlled by reinforced police cordons, and backpacks and handbags with a capacity of more than three liters have decided to ban at all, so to speak, out of harm's way.

On the whole, Metro writes, a very friendly and positive atmosphere is celebrated at the holiday. Tens of thousands of people came to folk festivals - not only from Germany, but also from different countries of the world. Oktoberfest will last until October 3.

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