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Olyutor herring - hit the Moscow "Fish of the Week"

Smelt, mullet and coho were hits the Moscow "Fish of the week." High demand for Olyutorka herring - a couple of years ago to find this fish on the shelves was almost impossible, and now Muscovites buy it by the ton.

"The pre-matured herring day dry salting, until the salt melts a bit, and then filled with brine to align salinity", - says the technology enterprise "Russian fish factory" Anna Guseva.

Olyutor herring - the most fashionable among the fish dish gourmet capital. The fact is that in 2012, the fishing of this fish in the Gulf of Kamchatka Olyutorskii suspended due to the decrease of the population. But then allowed to catch, and now she is back on the shelves. During the five days of the festival we bought eight tons legendary herring. And I love her, of course, primarily for taste and size.

"It is very oily and is characterized by a dense structure tihookeanki meat and sizes - some specimens reach 500-600 grams" - continues to Anna Guseva.

Herring, as well as other fish, bring to the company "Russian fishing Factors" in the Far East. Is cut straight to the courts. In Moscow, it comes in special containers, and waits for the hour in the freezer.

"Frozen fish comes with a refrigerator, sawn into pieces of steak, then packed in vacuum packing and is either sold in the shops," - explains chief technology Nadezhda Terekhova.

Sirloin Shop. Women here hold a knife as well as men. Anna Nikolaeva says: for the work shift, she cuts up to 200 kg of the finished fillet. One carcass takes a little more than a minute.

Chinook, sockeye, coho, chum - all wild salmon, that is grown in the ocean, eating natural substances and contains no growth hormones, dyes and fragrances. Salted sockeye in the old way, in the barrels. And salmon, for example, add a little sugar - to taste.

"If we talk about import substitution, it is a direct good example of our fishing enterprises are located on the Moscow market. I hope that the range, which offers an enterprise worthy substitute for products that come to us from abroad, "- said in the program" Vesti-Moscow "head of the department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey Nemeryuk.

Who of these plants comes from the 60 100 to tons of finished products per month.

"We are preparing and smoking and salting our great technologists are doing every day, coming up with new types of products. Now we are doing a line for the summer - grilled sun, so that people on the diversity of nature, and they could fry fish quality ", - says General Director of the company" Russian fishing Factors "Irina Mihnova.

Buy all these fish specialties can be in the shops of the capital and at the festival "Fish Week" before the end of which there are four days left.

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