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Onishchenko: Russia rid of Coca-Cola and "palm"

Coca-Cola sales in Russia should be banned, because its manufacturer until now nobody opened its composition. This opinion was voiced by RNS assistant to the Prime Minister and former head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko.

«Coca-Cola, I would forbid. Coca-Cola Company has no one revealed the full formulation of its members, on the grounds that it is intellectual property, but it is contrary to any law of any country. Since this is a global company, it is abusing it, is already based on this, you can prevent it as such, "- Onishchenko said.

Gennady Onishchenko said that Russia needs to introduce excise duty on palm oil, and gradually get rid of it, replacing the sunflower oil produced domestically.

"For a long time it had to introduce (higher excise tax on palm oil)," - he said RNS.

"In general, we need him (palm oil) to get rid of. I'm not saying that it is dangerous ... We have to go to their own oil. We have one sunflower Altai region could fill the whole country. And we buy imported oil, and feed imported products. But what we do not have to put up with you, because it is so, when animal fat are removed, inflated with oil and call it cheese. This is a deception of the consumer, who must cruelly suppressed, "- said Onishchenko.

Earlier this year, the government discussed the issue of the introduction of excise duties on palm oil and harmful products. In April, President Vladimir Putin instructed to study the feasibility of introducing such excise duty, but later the government abandoned this step.

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