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Online sales of alcohol are planned for July 2018 g

The Ministry of Finance has started drafting a bill on the resolution of sales of alcoholic beverages on the Internet, the notice on the portal for the disclosure of draft laws and regulations states. The expected period of entry into force is 1 July 2018.

"The planned period of entry into force is July of the year 2018," the report said.

Now, alcohol sales on the Internet are prohibited by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and the Rules for the Sale of Goods by Remote Way. According to the Ministry of Finance, these norms do not actually work, as the sale of alcoholic products on the Internet continues. The department plans to develop a mechanism that will effectively control the restrictions on alcohol sales on the Internet, the clarification to the project of the Ministry of Finance says. Details of the mechanism for regulating the Internet market for alcohol are not disclosed.

Previously, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Rosalkogolregulirovanie (RAR) offered to issue licenses to Internet sellers of alcohol. So, the Ministry of Economic Development proposed to introduce licensing requirements for warehouses, logistics and equip such companies with portable modules of EGAIS and KKM. In turn, the RAR considered the possibility of extrajudicial blocking of sites selling alcohol on the Internet.

The head of the Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, also spoke in favor of licensing the Internet alcohol trade or partial resolution of Internet sales, in which several distributors were admitted to trading.

Alexey Sazanov, the director of the tax and customs policy department, said earlier that the Ministry of Finance is offering online sales of the entire line of alcohol products starting in July of the year 2018, before this sale is expected to start with wine and beer, but he did not specify the dates for the start of sales, which will be registered in Bill.

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