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To determine the time of complete disappearance of coffee in the world

Experts from the Climate Institute of Australia have named the timing of the complete disappearance of coffee on Earth. This is reported by The Independent.

By 2050, scientists expect a two-fold reduction in the number of agricultural plots on which the coffee tree is grown.

In 2080, these plants, as experts believe, will disappear from the face of the Earth.

The reason for this will be global warming, which will lead to the spread of pests and fungal diseases that are fatal to the coffee tree.

The conclusions of scientists are valid if the current rate of global warming continues, and experts cannot find effective methods of combating pests and fungal diseases.

The disappearance of coffee will also have a negative impact on the lives of 120 million people in over 70 countries involved in the production of the product. Burundi, Ethiopia and Nicaragua will be the first to be affected, reports.

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