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Published The history of the beer business in Russia

In early September 2016 year CDL restaurant hosted a presentation of Russian brewing books - encompassing the annals of the history and traditions of Russian beer business, created with the support of the brand "Stary Melnik from a keg."

Is the beer a Russian drink? For a long time, historians undeservedly disregarded this issue, because of which there was a popular opinion about the exclusively European origin of beer. Meanwhile, brewing in Russia has the deepest centuries-old origins - now we can talk about this with pride and confidence.

Historical evidence of the origin and formation of Russian beer business, captivating descriptions associated with beer folk rituals and beliefs, reliable information about the original brewing technology for the first time collected in the Russian brewing book.

This unique study, based on a vast array of archival materials XVII-XVIII centuries, created by a team of the Moscow Museum of book authors. Exclusive edition exists in a single copy, and the full text with illustrations available on site. Create a book endorsed brand "Stary Melnik from Keg", which aims to revival of Russian brewing traditions as brand products are manufactured in accordance with the principles of traditional Russian beer business.

At the presentation of the book in Russian brewing a unique historical work of the Central House of Writers restaurant told its creators:

Vadim Wolfson, director of the Museum of the book, head of the author's collective of the Russian brewing book: "I am very glad that thanks to cooperation with the brand" Stary Melnik from the Barrel "we managed to create the first and unique chronicle of the Russian beer business. This is a serious scientific and historical work, based on a large-scale study of archival documents and materials from the reserves of leading Russian museums. At the same time, our book is presented in a lightly captivating language and accompanied by colorful illustrations, and therefore is of undoubted interest not only for specialists, but also for a wide range of history lovers and beer connoisseurs. "

Alexei Valsky, marketing director of EFES Rus: "The preparation and drinking of beer in Russia is a special layer of folk culture, deserving thoughtful study and careful preservation. The brand "The Old Miller from the Barrel" continues and revives the Russian traditions of brewing, using in production along with modern technologies, principles based on the legacy of the Russian beer business. We are proud that with our participation one more important contribution to the research and development of the national beer culture has now been made: the Russian Brewing Book has been created, accessible to all comers. "

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