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Original news with two flavors from the company TAKF

Confectionery company "TAKF" is an original novelty. Seeing these candies, you can take a break: it is impossible to resist the temptation to try new tastes.

"The temptation» ® Tiramisu "and" Temptation »® Brownie" - from delicate chocolates pralines, coated in dark glaze with a bitter notes of cocoa.

Etiquette products also deserves attention: bright packaging is decorated with beautiful ornaments, which is to be considered and then slowly expand candy.

Sweets "Temptation» ® Tiramisu "have a taste of the famous Italian dessert, but only in the form of candy, which makes the product even practical. These chocolates conveniently take with you and go to visit or grab a job in any case, to arrange a holiday with Italian passion and "temptation".

Sweets "Temptation» ® Brownie "for those who like it hot. Pronounced taste of brownie passes the character of the popular American cake. Bitter brownies wrapped in elegant packaging, it remains only to pick up and expand, to get a taste of "temptation."


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