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Orkla will translate juice in Estonia and sauces - to Latvia

Orkla Grupp, owner of the leading Estonian producer of food and beverages Põltsamaa Felix, creates in Põltsamaa competence center for the production and vegetable juice products, juice production translates Latvian nursing enterprises in Estonia and directs the production of sauces in Latvia.

Reported by BNS

According to the representative of Põltsamaa Felix, Kaido Kaare, according to the strategy approved in the spring, Põltsamaa Felix will focus on the production of ready-to-eat foods and juices.

“The decision of the concern will further increase the production volumes of Põltsamaa Felix,” said Kaare.

In the course of the reorganization during this autumn, the juice production will move from Riga to Põltsamaa, and the sauce production will be redirected to the Latvian company of the Orkla concern. During the reorganization, the company will reduce the staff of AS Põltsamaa Felix by 13 jobs.

“Since the production of juice drinks is to a large extent an automated process, during the implementation of the new strategy, it turned out that there are too many jobs in the company, taking into account the production volumes, and, unfortunately, we have to eliminate 13 jobs,” explained Kaido Kaare.

“With the increased production volume driven by seasonal production, we will be able to temporarily offer employees whose jobs are being phased out for another job in the ready-to-eat products division. If desired, they will be able to continue working on the same conditions until the end of this season, ”added Kaare.

Põltsamaa Felix is ​​the leading food manufacturer in Estonia with the widest range of products. The company manufactures and markets about 350 types of products under 14 different brands. The company employs about 200 people.

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