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Vegetables and fruits from Syria will appear in the "Magnet"

The scheme of direct deliveries of fruits and vegetables from Russia in Syria still worked. Adyg-Yurak concluded an annual contract with one of the largest grocery chains - Magnit.

Until the end of the summer the company intends to import up to 6 thousand tons of products to Russia, and in 2018 to enter the annual import of 80-90 thousand tons.

Maykop JSC "Adyg-Yurak" established regular imports of fruits and vegetables from Syria and concluded an annual supply contract with the "Magnit" network. The owner of the company Aslan Panesh told this to Kommersant. According to him, the first three containers for the network have already been unloaded in the port of Novorossiysk - about 50 tons of tomatoes, eggplant and pepper. Until 20 June from Syria should come still 12 containers with cherries, apricots, plums, peaches total weight up to 240 tons. Until the end of summer, "Adyg-Yurak" wants to import from Xenium 5-6 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables, all products are intended for "Magnet". In the spring of 2018, it is planned to export 80-90 thousand tons of vegetables and fruits from Syria per year, Aslan Panesh added. By that time, he said, $ 5-10 million will be invested in the supply organization. The retailer's press service confirmed the fact of cooperation with the company, without answering other questions.

About the beginning of the import of vegetables and fruits from Syria in "Adyg-Yurak" said in March 2016 year. But it was not possible to adjust the system import due to problems with packaging and, as a result, the quality of the products, Mr. Panesh says. According to him, today the vegetables and fruits in Syria for "Adyg-Yurak" are packed in local enterprises from Russian materials. Now the company plans to create its own packing shops for each type of fruit and vegetables, the amount of investment is calculated, the businessman added.

According to the Federal Customs Service, in 2016, Russia imported 6,7 million tons of vegetables, fruits and nuts for $ 5 billion.

Import of these categories from Syria in the same period - 14,5 thousand tons ($ 10,5 million). These are still point deliveries, said Mikhail Glushkov, Executive Director of the National Fruit and Vegetable Union.

According to Aslan Panesha, "Adyg-Yurak" informs "Magnit" about the arrival of containers to the port for three weeks, after which the price of the contract is determined based on the current market conditions. For example, the first batch of tomatoes was sold to a retailer for 99 rub. For kg, the second - for 70 rubles. For kg, he adds. "This market is very volatile, price tags are revised almost every week," - clarifies Mr. Glushkov. The interlocutor in the market says that Magnit usually purchases products at 15% cheaper than the average wholesale price. Mr. Panesh said that he was satisfied with the terms of cooperation. According to him, Adyg-Yurak expects to achieve profitability this summer. The importer is ready to supply Syrian fruit and vegetables and other retailers, but so far no one has applied, notes Aslan Panesh. The retail networks interviewed by Kommersant did not answer the question about the presence or interest in products from Syria. The representative of one of the largest networks only noted that working with the belligerent country carries the risks of uncontrolled shipments and payments. According to Mikhail Glushkov, Magnit is more logical to supply Syrian vegetables and fruits to the Urals, where prices are higher and more stable, while in the center of the country the market is already oversaturated.

In 2016, Adyg-Yurak supplied its products to the Moscow wholesale and retail food center Food City (owned by the owners of the Kiev Square, Godu Nisanov and Zarah Iliev). The company is ready to resume shipment, says Mr. Panesh. Kommersant's interlocutors said earlier that Adyg-Yurak could act in the interests of Nisanov and Iliev, and they are ready to become co-owners of the company if imports from Syria become successful. Mr. Panesh denies this.

Adyg-Yurak plans to start exporting Russian wheat to Syria. The contract for the supply of the first 200 thousand tons with the government of the republic is now being prepared, Aslan Panesh says. In the future, the company intends to ship to Syria up to 1 million tons of wheat in the season. Today, 1 million tons estimate the entire Syrian import of wheat, the director of the SOVECON analytical center, Andrei Sizov, points out: "This market is very specific, as the company intends to get trade financing for such a volume of supplies, it is unclear."

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