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Obesity in adolescents by reducing calorie consumption

The prevalence of obesity among a growing number of adolescents may be due to a sharp reduction in consumption of calories you burn at rest period, concluded the British scientists.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Department of Medicine at the University of Exeter found that 15-year-olds to 25% burn fewer calories during the rest period than when they were 10 years.

The difference is about 500 calories a day, the same amount of calories a person loses during intense workout hours.

This discovery has puzzled scientists pishshet Bi-bi-si, but it helps to understand why in the age of puberty, many suddenly begin to gain weight.

The results of the study are published in the International Journal of Diabetes.

Unexpected discovery

Usually, most of the energy is burned in people simply by maintaining the vital functions of the brain, heart, liver and kidney, but not at the expense of physical activity.

However, during the year 10-279 study behavioral features of children, physicians from the University of Exeter found that during puberty the number of calories burned drops sharply.

This period of sharp growth, as is usually consumed a lot of calories, but only 16-years of age the amount burned during rest energy begins to grow again.

Also in the same period, there is a significant reduction in physical activity, especially among girls, which also may exacerbate weight gain.

In England, about a third of all pupils aged 10-11 years, or are overweight, or obese.

“Nowadays, childhood obesity and related diabetes have become one of the most serious health problems,” said Professor Terry Wilkin from the University of Exeter. “What we found makes it possible to explain why adolescents gain weight during the period of maturation, which will help develop an appropriate plan of action.”

Fast food and advertising

As the vice president of the Association of Health Workers Professor Simon Keypvell obtained scientists the results show that there is an even greater need to improve the diet of children and to protect the young generation from aggressive advertising of fast food and carbonated drinks that contain lots of sugar.

"Buried in their smartphones and iPads teenagers bombard advertising of junk food, and so they burn fewer calories than we previously thought - says Keypvell. - Presented a month ago, the government strategy to combat obesity has documented the need for the introduction of the excise tax on sweetened beverages, but minus that, according to the number of missed opportunities this strategy is simply a failure. "

In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce a much more strict regulation aimed at children fast food advertising, especially on television and on the Internet.

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