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PepsiCo will receive less 100 million rubles due to foot and mouth disease

Loss of "Opole", related to the performance requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, can exceed 100 million rubles., According to the materials of the Arbitration Court of the Vladimir region. 21 October Rospotrebnadzor required to withdraw from the retailers about 4000 tons of dairy products of this enterprise - milk, kefir, yogurt, issued by a 1 19 October.

The reason - the FMD virus is detected on a farm Vladimir CPA, comes to "Opole" raw milk. "Opole" with 2011 was included in the company "Wimm-Bill-Dann", that, in turn, belongs to the American PepsiCo. The company produces products under the brand "Cottage" and "Opole".

Manufacturer demanded to annul the measures prescribed by Rospotrebnadzor. As a software company offered to suspend the product recall at the time of consideration of the application, but the court denied her this. A 31 October "Opole" withdrew the lawsuit. The company did not agree with some of the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, but most of it is irrelevant, so the lawsuit was withdrawn, said the representative of PepsiCo.

Dairy brands PepsiCo - one of the most popular in Russia. Thus, according to Euromonitor International, in the category of drinking milk products in total account for more than 20% of Russian sales in money; in "yogurt and yogurt" category four brands are in the top ten.

Immediately after the scandal in social networks and messengers began to appear about the dangers of dairy products of PepsiCo, including those sold under the brands "Agusha", "Cottage", "Lamber", "Immunele" and others. "We assume that it was well prepared and planned attack against our company ", - said the representative of PepsiCo, without specifying details. Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor expressed the view that information about dangerous products could distribute competitors PepsiCo.

How many company may lose because of this story, a spokesman to comment on PepsiCo to "Vedomosti" refused.

Promo effect depends on how the company will behave in the event of negative information background, says the executive director of "RusBrand" Alexei Popovich. That position, which took of PepsiCo - namely, openness, willingness to give comments, - minimize the negative effects, he said. In this case, he said, you can expect a short-term effect: drop in sales for one to two weeks, and then brand loyalty is restored.

Global companies strictly control the quality of products, and even if they find any discrepancies standards, make public statements or recall products, says Popovich. So did Nestle, in 2016 when the city withdrew the products from the US and Canadian markets because consumers found glass fragments. Mars after finding pieces of plastic withdrew bars Mars, Snickers, Milky Way and sweets Celebrations in 55 countries.

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