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Mayday Finns met sparkling wines

On the first of May Finns already for decades like to drink sparkling wine. In recent years, this trend has only intensified. The alcohol Alko stores, this trend has not gone unnoticed.

Sales of champagne and sparkling wine in these days dramatically increased.

- Sales increased by more than 400% compared with ordinary days. We sell about 460 000 liters of sparkling wines and 25 000 liters of champagne, - says head of marketing Alko Mystery Vilkuna.

Other alcoholic drinks are also much in demand, rather than at the usual time, but first of all it concerns sparkling wine.

- On May Day Finns this year prefer bubbly drinks. Bubbles are associated with the celebration, and for many the first of May - a pleasant holiday, after which the spring begins. In honor of this many people want to raise a glass - continues Vilkuna.

Despite the popularity of sparkling wines, more and more Finns prefer to celebrate sober, according to the Finnish edition of Yle.

- Non-alcoholic drinks are gaining popularity. In the last year and beginning of this year their popularity has grown more strongly than other drinks. But when measured in quantity, the first in May in second place after the sparkling wine - a red or white wine.

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