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Sands gave advice to the participants of the march tractor

Kuban farmers, staged a march tractor, to communicate with Russian leader Vladimir Putin should send an appeal to the presidential administration. On Wednesday, September 7, said the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, the correspondent of "tapes.

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"In this case, you need to wait for some of the question, some to be an appeal to the presidential administration, in order that we may consider it, - Peskov said. - So far as I know, those appeals were not. "

Thus, he answered the question of whether a meeting of farmers with the president is possible. Peskov added that Putin meets regularly with representatives of the agro-industrial complex.

At the end of August, more than 20 tractor run participants from the Krasnodar Territory to Moscow were placed under administrative arrest, another 11 was fined. The court regarded their actions as an organized rally.

The action participants were detained by police 23 of August, the day before they received the offer to meet with Kuban authorities and suspended their action.

Mileage Krasnodar farmers began 21 of August. 50 17 people on tractors and several cars moved from the village of Kazan Caucasus district of the Krasnodar Territory in the direction of Moscow. Protesters gathered to ask Putin to solve the problem of vessels which, in their view, endure unjust decisions.

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