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Beer A. Le Coq is fixed on the Finnish market

Tartu brewery A. Le Coq in eight months, sold on the Finnish market 20 million liters of beer A. Le Coq. According to research group Nielsen, A.

Le Coq became the third-largest beer brand in Finland, where it owns 7% of the retail beer market and it is ahead of local brands such as Koff and Lapin Kulta, said A. Le Coq agency LETA / BNS.

"In Finland, our parent company Olvi OY sells A. Le Coq since 2000 years, - said the head of A. Le Coq Tarmo Noop. - Every year sales results grew and on the Finnish market for the first eight months of this year were sold 20 million liters of beer A. Le Coq. This is even more than we sold in Estonia this year Premium », - he added.

In 2015 the total volume of the beer market in Finland amounted to 414 million. Liters, in Estonia it amounted to 90,5 million. Liters.

A. Le Coq - the oldest and largest manufacturer of beverages in Estonia, whose products consist of 11 different product groups. Chief among them is beer, followed juices, soft drinks and water; Short range of ciders, alcoholic beverages, the Active juice drinks on the basis of sports and energy drinks, syrups and kvass.

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