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Beer separated from vodka

Economy Ministry next week will consider the concept of a separate regulation for brewery products prepared by the Higher School of Economics (HSE), together with market participants. The document envisages the creation of a separate branch of law, which would, in particular, allowed the re-sale of beer in non-stationary retail, removed restrictions on beverage advertising, as well as regional authorities deprived the opportunity to set their barriers to manufacturers.

Discussion of the concept of separate regulation of production and turnover of beer beer beverage held 23 November the Economy Ministry in the framework of a working group to improve the effectiveness of regulation and competition in the alcohol market. On "Kommersant" was told by representatives of several large breweries. According to one of them, the concept has been prepared by the HSE, with the participation of the Union of Russian Brewers. Who beer as wine and spirits, regulated 171-FZ.

The authors of the concept advocate the creation of a separate federal law for beer, which would significantly simplify the regulation of its production and turnover. So, they propose to lift the ban on the retail sale of beer in wholesale and retail markets, non-stationary retail facilities, sports objects (except for children's and youth objects), introduced in 2013, and allow its sale by remote means (on the Internet). These restrictions, the document notes, "led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, the emergence of thousands of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs and a significant reduction in tax revenues to budgets of all levels," but did not significantly affect the decline in beer sales.

Also, according to the developers of the concept, it is necessary to extend the time limits for the retail sale of beer, since the current limitations with 23: 00 to 8: 00 have not affected sales, and led to the fact that it began to buy for future use. "For many outlets visitors flow reduction at a later time was the reason for the closure," - the experts write the HSE. Change control for beer is supplied in part advertising restrictions which are now partially lifted to 2018 years, when Russia will be held the World Cup.

The concept proposes to allow advertising on a permanent basis at sports events (with the exception of children's and youth competitions) live or recorded, as well as allow the promotion of beer on outdoor media and trade pavilions.

beer market volume in Russia in 2015 year, Carlsberg was estimated at 698 million decaliters. With only 2008 years 12 major companies closed breweries and beer production as a whole fell from almost 2007 years 40%, said in the concept.

An important condition for improving the competitive environment in the industry is the redistribution of powers to regulate the production and turnover of beer between federal, regional and local authorities, according to the authors of the concept. In their opinion, the establishment of all prohibitions and restrictions must be carried out only at the level of the federal center. "The remaining separate powers of the subjects of the Russian Federation in this sphere (for example, by the additional restrictions on the retail sale of beer and beer beverages ... by determining the boundaries of the territory of children's, educational, medical organizations, sports facilities) segment the market and are a corruption factor," the document says.

The "SUN InBev" (beer "Klinskoe", Bud) consider the adoption of "highly probable" concept. "In developing its recommendations have been complied with all the market experts, relevant ministries and agencies. In addition, it is based on the experience of the US and European regulation in recent years, as well as on statistical data of Rosstat and Euromonitor ", - said director of corporate relations Oraz Durdyyev. Vice President, Corporate Affairs of "Baltika" (owned by Carlsberg) Alexey Kedrin believes that the concept, if adopted, could begin to operate in two or three years.

Against separate regulation for the beer stand at the Union of Alcohol Producers, which unites the largest producers of vodka. "We believe that all alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol, should be governed by common law and for any category should not be concessions", - said Chairman of the Board Dmitry Dobrov Union. In Rosalkogolregulirovanie did not comment on the concept.

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