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Beer helps prevent Alzheimer's disease

Swedish and Finnish scientists concluded that beer helps to prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease - an alcoholic beverage slows the accumulation of amyloid plaques. However, neither the mechanism of this effect, nor the role of a particular dose of the drink is not installed.

On the discovery is reported in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, and short of it says Popular Science.

Scientists have examined the relationship between the use of various alcoholic beverages and the accumulation of beta amyloids in the brain. In total, 125 men aged 35-70 years from Finland were examined, who died from various causes.

Estimated alcohol (by profiles that filled deceased relatives), the concentration of beta-amyloid (in brain slices) and having fourth isoform apolipoprotein E - major genetic risk factor of Alzheimer's disease (in DNA extracted from samples of muscle tissue).

The concentration of beta-amyloid increased with age in all surveyed, however, consumption of beer has significantly reduced it. Neither the amount of the beverage or the propensity to drinking wine and other types of alcohol did not have to amyloid plaques have no effect.

In 2015, Chinese researchers found that xanthohumol (a substance that is contained in hops) to protect brain cells from destruction and able to stop the advance of Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers from around the world agree that, despite some positive aspects, the use of alcohol (in any form and quantity) devastating effect on the human body and often leads to socially dangerous behavior, writes "to"

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