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"Pyaterochka" examines the demand for products with discounts

Retail X5 Retail Group is testing a network developed by Yandex Data Factory (YDF) a new service that allows you to predict the demand for goods at discounted prices in the "Pyaterochka" stores, "Vedomosti", with reference to the representatives of both companies.

So, testing of this service was conducted from 29 March to 18 in April 2016 of the year in stores in the Lipetsk region. With the help of it, a forecast was made for promotions, during which regular discounts for one week were announced for goods. As a base for the forecast, 108, 125 and 135 types of goods were selected.

“In 87% of cases, the prediction turned out to be accurate to within one package, and in 61% of cases, the number of packages was predicted accurately,” the YDF representative estimated.

“The service based on machine learning technologies has successfully passed pilot tests,” the newspaper quoted a YDF representative as saying. The representative of the retail network also appreciated the test results, but noted that the issue of launching this service is still open and it is not a ready-made business intelligence tool.

According to the representative of the retail network, sales of goods through promotions from X5 Retail Group account for about 30% of turnover.

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