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"Victory" led chocolate online

Confectionery factory "Victory" has launched its online store in Russia and is preparing to go to the Baltic States. By the end of the year the company expects that online sales will account for up to 3% of the total revenue.

Now a significant portion of customers' online platform "Victory", which is to 2015 years running in test mode - the company is ordering gifts for partners.

On the beginning of the federal sales of the products of the Pobeda confectionery factory through its own online store Kommersant, said its co-owner Vitaly Muraviev. According to him, the launch did not require a large investment - the store uses the existing distribution network of "Victory" and storage facilities in approximately 45 regions. Courier delivery company is engaged independently. When ordering less than 1 thousand rubles. The cost of delivery within the administrative center will be 300 rub. When ordering from 1 thousand rubles. Up to 200 thousand rubles. The delivery is free. Test the online store in Moscow and St. Petersburg, "Victory" began in 2015. From December 2015 to 2016 in May it was made about 2,5 thousand orders, the number of visitors was about 100 thousand people with an average check of about 2,5 thousand rubles, said Mr. Muravyov.

Now on online sales of "Victory" accounted for about 1,5% of the company's revenue. The factory plans to double the figure by the end of the year, says its co-owner. He adds that the company is also finishing work on an online store for the Baltic countries, launching in the region is planned in the "near future." As one of the market participants points out, considering that about 50% of all chocolate in Russia is purchased as a gift, "the online store makes such purchases uniquely more convenient." A significant part of the clients of the online site "Victory" - companies that order gifts for partners, confirms Vitaly Muraviev.

Confectionery factory "Victory" was founded in the year 2000, controlled Muravyovs family. It produces natural dark chocolate, running in the middle and premium segments. The main production site is located in the Yegoryevsk district of Moscow region, also operates a factory in Latvia. Production is delivered in the United States, the Baltic States and the EU, China and other revenues in year 2015 -.. 3,8 billion rubles, net profit - 59,1 million rubles.

According to the Confectionery Market Research Center, the sales of chocolate and chocolate products in 2015 in Russia amounted to 360-370 billion rubles, of all confectionery products - 885,4 billion rubles. According to market participants, more than 85% of chocolate sales in the country are accounted for by the leaders of the market - "United confectioners" (includes the factories "Krasny Oktyabr", "Rot Front", "Confectionery Concern" Babaevsky "), Mars, Nestle, Ferrero, Slavyanka ", etc." Victory "estimates its share in the market at 4,5%, in 2017-2018 the factory expects to increase it to 6%. The premium segment in 2015 accounted for 22% of chocolate sales in the country, according to Nielsen.

Among working in the Russian confectioners own online store is also a distributor and manufacturer in chocolate handmade French Kiss. Express delivery is only in Moscow (minimum order - 1,5 thousand rubles, free delivery -.. In the order of 5 thousand rubles..). Brand Director French Kiss Igor Timor refused to disclose business performance. The Nestle said they did not plan to set up an online store in Russia. Mars, Ferrero, "Slav" and "United Confectioners" did not respond to the request.

The annual turnover of all domestic online retail in 2015, the "Post of Russia" and the Association of Internet Commerce Companies estimate at 760 billion rubles. Of these, 15 billion rubles may be accounted for on-line merchandise trade (excluding stores with less than 19,2 orders per day), says Data Insight co-founder Fedor Virin. The main advantage of an online store for the manufacturer, he calls direct contact with the consumer and the presentation of a full range. "Victory" for the successful conduct of online trading, according to Mr. Virin, will require a partner: if the number of orders reaches 700-800 per day, it will be difficult to deal with such a load independently.

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