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politicians have argued because of the sobriety rating

State Duma Deputy Fedot Tumusov commented on the words of Federation Council member Anatoly Shirokov that the last place in the Magadan region in the sobriety rating is due to transit supplies of alcohol to neighboring Yakutia.

Tumusov shared his opinion with the National News Service (NSN).

Photo: Fedot Tumusov / "Kommersant"

“When accused of all mortal sins, in the same use of alcoholic beverages, there is a feeling of resentment, indignation. This is a natural and normal sense of shame. But we must honestly face the truth, do not look for a mote from a neighbor, ”said the deputy representing Yakutia in the State Duma.

At the same time, he noted that the situation with alcohol abuse is grave in all of Russia - by some estimates, 30-40 percent of the population. “In general, I suggest that these 30 percent be recognized as sick and treated. Without this, we will not cope with this disaster. Up to 60, percent of all deaths in the country are associated with alcohol, it is common to specify other reasons since the Soviet times, ”Tumusov stressed.

November 23 Shirokov, a senator from the Magadan region, in an interview with the NOS, suggested that when calculating the alcohol sold in the region, alcohol could be taken into account, which is supplied to Eastern Yakutia. The Magadan government also doubted that the rating reflects the real situation in the region.

The “National Sobriety Rating of the Subjects of the Russian Federation - 2016”, which was prepared by the project “Sober Russia” and the Expert Analysis Center under the Public Chamber, was published on November 22. Chechnya is recognized as the least non-drinking region, the most - Magadan region. Yakutia took the 34-place. In compiling the list (in it 85 positions, as well as subjects of the Russian Federation), data from open sources and departmental statistics for 2015 for each region were taken into account. For example, attention was paid to the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning, the number of patients registered with medical institutions with a diagnosis of alcoholism, as well as how much alcohol was sold.

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