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Half of the employees in the confectionery factory Mokshanov fired after the hype in the media

Workers were injured at a confectionery factory in Mokshan. Information about this was leaked to the media. An employee was fired due to publicity.

Last week, two serious incidents occurred at the Nevsky Konditer confectionery in Mokshan.

A girl was injured in the confectionery industry. She lost her left arm. The Investigative Committee has already published an official version of what happened. It is known that a girl will not be able to sew a hand on. At the same enterprise on August 25, a 23-year-old locksmith was seriously injured. The guy nearly lost his arm. The victim of the portal told about the incident to the correspondent of Many factory employees did not speak out in the best light about the working conditions and spoke of gross violations. However, the factory managers did not want to let their employees get away with it.

It became known that one of the employees was fired for communicating with the media. The man told the correspondent of about this. “I was fired for telling the media about the situation at the plant. After the uproar began, half of the factory was dispersed. All Tajiks and Uzbeks who worked unofficially were kicked out. All minors, due to a bunch of checks. After checking, they said that I "passed" everyone. And I was fired. I don’t want to appeal this yet. I don't really want to get involved with all this. "

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