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Polish business believes in Belarus, but is waiting for guarantees

Polish entrepreneurs expect agriculture removing barriers to trade with Belarus and guarantees for investment. This 8 November Minsk said participants of the press conference on the program of promotion of the Polish production of "Tastes of Europe".

"We note a lot of excitement in our relations in the field of agriculture. At today's meeting with Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Vladimir Grakunom we have stipulated further ways of cooperation with the goal of removing barriers that impede our trade. If we want to cooperate, the benefit must be mutual, "- said the first deputy minister (secretary general), Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland Ryszard Zarutsky.

He noted that Belarus after EU is Poland's largest buyer of Polish agricultural products. Poland is ready to share the experience of export to Germany, Italy, the UK and the new technologies in the field of growing and processing of agricultural products.

According to him, writes, it is important to the removal of restrictions on the export of goods from Poland to Belarus. "And for Polish entrepreneurs who want to cooperate with Belarus is very important guarantees for the security of such cooperation, guarantees for their investments", - said Zarutsky.

Barriers to trade, he called the supply of mineral additives to animal feeds with optional additional veterinary certificate, restricted access to the Belarusian market of Polish beef, including boneless associated with the obligatory conclusion about the absence of a significant threat to mad cow disease, as well as restrictions on supply of pork.

Chairman of the Polish Association of butchers and sausage manufacturers Zbigniew Nowak said: "We would like Belarus to guarantee our investments. I have experience of investments in Russia and Ukraine, when I lost money. I would not want to lose again in Belarus. For me, the most important state government program guarantees investments. Because some of my plants are idle production capacity, and we could make them the charter of the joint venture in Belarus. "

As the president of the Agency for Agricultural Market in Poland Lukasz Holubovski in Polish agriculture it has invested a lot of European money, and now it is one of the most developed in Europe. "Polish products were previously presented in the Belarusian market, and some are now represented. But we would like to overcome the barriers to our cooperation. Polish entrepreneurs looking for new markets, and this applies not only to product sales, but also investment, "- said the head of the agency.

According to the head of the program "Tastes of Europe", president of the Association of Butchers and Sausage Producers of Poland Petr Zemann, polls of Polish businessmen show that among the priorities of cooperation they call Belarus. He gave an example when several entrepreneurs from the Kaliningrad region of Russia came to Poland for training 11 years ago. Now in this region 81 meat processing enterprise is created, one third of which is with Polish capital. "In the same way, we want to open up for Belarus, we want you to see in Poland a solid partner for investments," Zemann said.

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