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"Polushka" is closed all shops in Moscow

Holding "Food Exchange", managing networks of shops "Polushka", "popular", "Lime" and pharmacies "Clover", closed all the shops "Polushka" in Moscow, the message says online retailer.

Employees hotline in Moscow and St. Petersburg have confirmed the closure, but said that the two were working shop "Polushka" in the Moscow region. Closing stores is due to the effectiveness of the program, but it does not mean that the retailer is leaving the region, says top manager of the holding. According to him, the company sees potential in the Moscow market and continues to search for suitable premises. The holding company did not respond to the request.

The first store "Polushka" in the Moscow region appeared in 2013 Since then, write "Vedomosti", the holding has opened nine stores in Moscow and the Moscow region, it follows from the information on the website of the retailer. Investments in the opening of a supermarket "Polushka" in Moscow could reach 20 million rubles., Estimates CEO "Infoline-analysts" Mikhail Burmistrov.

On the reduction of the network affected by several factors, said Burmistrov. Out retailer has coincided with a period of high rents, this load during the crisis of the early negative impact on business, the expert believes. In addition, the stores have been ineffective from the point of view of logistics, the network offers a unique assortment of no Muscovites, so "Polushka" lost "Pyaterochka", "Dixie" and others., Said Burmistrov.

The turnover of the Moscow branch "Polushki" was about 500 million rubles, the revenue of the holding in 2015 increased by 5% compared to the last year to 20,9 billion rubles. (excluding VAT), Burmistrov estimates. Despite the development of "Polushki" in the home region, the network's revenue from 1 sq. M. m decreased from 280 000 to 260 000 rub. per year, says Burmistrov. According to him, in the NWFD, the holding company faced increasing competition. The updated "Pyaterochka" shows a significant increase in revenue, and the development of supermarkets "Tapes" also continues to influence the market. The turnover of retail trade in St. Petersburg decreased by 1,7% to 677,2 billion rubles, according to Petrostat.

Other St. Petersburg retailers continue their expansion in Moscow. LLC "TD" Intertorg "(it manages Spar networks," People's 7 family "," Idea ") plans to open this year more than 30 supermarkets and two Spar hypermarkets in Russia, including Moscow and Moscow region, told earlier representative of the company. For 2015, the retailer Lenta opened eight supermarkets - four in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The supermarket project in Moscow turned out to be very successful, Yann Dunning, the general director of Lenta, admitted earlier. Lenta plans to open significantly more supermarkets than in 2015, the company's annual report says.

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