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PR2B Group: import substitution and FMCG branding

FMCG branding has been studied in the PR2B Group customer support program. This program allows managers and specialists to get acquainted with the most advanced advertising technologies and quickly gain practical knowledge and skills in the field of modern branding.

The PR2B Group seminar is devoted to the issues of managing FMCG brands in terms of sanctions:

How to position FMCG brands. How to form and change the architecture of a brand portfolio and a brand platform. Management techniques for brand identity system and company hierarchy. Psychographic characteristics of target audiences and brand success. Naming FMCG - new trends. Brand visualization system. Neurocomputer diagnostics of brand perception. Benchmarking brands FMCG. Trade marketing and expansion of presence in retail chains. Legal support for branding FMCG.

For practical training, PR2B Group experts provided a package of unique cases from their experience - the creation, implementation and promotion of the brands Corrado, Vilanta LaCorra, Baker's Boutique, SkinDoctors, Olliani, accompaniment of the brands EKO, Solvita, "Basket", PREMIER, Sparko, Foco, Panchy, "Cloth self-assembly." Also, promising developments of the strategic development department of the PR2B Group, the research department of the PR2B Group, the branding direction of the consulting firm MasterMind Company and the law firm Nevsky IP Law were presented.

The seminar was conducted by leading experts of the PR2B Group, well-known in the professional community - Vladimir Zhuravel, Mikhail Dryashin, Yevgeny Panichev, Alina Malina, Anton Simakin and Alexey Trofimov, as well as the general director of the MasterMind Company Konstantin Balyanin and partner of Nevsky IP Law, candidate of legal sciences . Nikolay Zaichenko.

According to the president of PR2B Group, Ph.D. Vladimir Zhuravlya: “... The counter-sanctioning policy of Russia instantly withdrew many foreign goods from the national FMCG market. The "aliens" were forced to leave. Domestic manufacturers, driven out to the backyards of trade, got a new chance to develop their own products and pay attention not only to beautiful packaging, but also to brand management systems. The best branding agencies in Russia, which not only create great brands, but also build brand management systems, are happy to share knowledge with their customers. Sanctions and counter sanctions will definitely be lifted, and then only those Russian FMCG manufacturers who master these brand management technologies will be able to succeed in the global competition ... ”

Fast moving consumer goods or FMCG are everyday goods. These are goods that are quickly sold in retail: food, cosmetics, household chemicals, OTC drugs, etc.

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