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Prodinflyatsiya in Russia in April accelerated to 5,3%

Food inflation in the Russian Federation in April on a monthly basis was 0,4%, as in March; in annual terms, the growth in food prices accelerated to 5,3% from 5,2% in March, according to Rosstat.

Excluding fruits and vegetables, the growth in food prices in April slowed to 0,5% from 0,6% in March, as well as non-food products to 0,6% from 0,8%.

In April, as in the previous month, there was a significant increase in prices for certain types of cereals. Thus, buckwheat-whole buckwheat became more expensive by 5,6%, oatmeal “Hercules” - by 2,5%, peas and beans - by 2,1%. At the same time, rice and millet fell by 0,5%.

Prices for frozen uncooked fish increased by 2%, for canned fish, various types of frozen cured, salted, pickled, smoked fish - by 1,2-1,5%. At the same time, live fish and chilled became cheaper by 0,3%.

Among the other observed types of food products, prices for black peppercorns increased by 2,6%, fruit juices - by 2,2%, sparkling water, tea, coffee, ice cream, marshmallow, pastila, lamb, ketchup, mayonnaise, margarine, olive oil - by 1,5- 2,1%.

In April, there was a decrease in prices for certain types of fruits and vegetables. So, for fresh cucumbers it was 22,2%, oranges - 6,1%, pears - 3,4%, potatoes - 0,5%. At the same time, prices for fresh white cabbage grew by 13,8%, tomatoes - by 10,1%, carrots, garlic, grapes, bananas - by 4-6,2%. In addition, national cheeses and sheep cheese fell in price by 2%, poultry meat, pork, minced meat - by 0,2-0,7%.

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