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Metro Group sales decreased due to the ruble

Metro Group sales in the first half of the year 2015-2016 of the fiscal year decreased by 1,1% - to € 30,7 billion, according to RNS reference to the company's data. The reason the company called the volatility of the ruble.

Metro Group sales in local currency at the same time increased by 0,4%.

Sales for the II quarter decreased by 0,9% - to € 13,6 billion.

Profit attributable to shareholders for six months increased by 4,8 times - to € 484 million. Earnings per share fell by 18% - to $ 0,95. Within six months, the chain closed 10 stores, leaving 2061 of them. Among them, four Metro Cash & Carry stores were opened in Russia and two Media-Saturn (Media Markt) stores were closed.

Metro predicts that the economic environment will remain volatile. In Europe, the recovery continues uncertain, the Russian economy should begin to restore to the IV quarter.

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