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Nestle sales grew by 2016 12%

Nestle sales in Russia-Eurasia region grew in 2016 12% on year and amounted to 114,4 billion rubles. This is stated in the materials of the company to a press conference the head of Nestle in Russia-Eurasia Martial Rolland.

"Despite the still difficult economic situation, Nestle managed to achieve sales growth in 12% compared to the year 2015, and the total volume of sales in the region of the Russia-Eurasia was 114,4 billion rubles", - stated in the materials.

During the year, Nestle «significantly» strengthened its position in the region of the Russia-Eurasia across most product categories, the report says. The company increased its share of the Russian market for a number of product categories: coffee capsules (65,8%), breakfast cereals (44,5%), culinary products (43%), baby nutrition (34,2%), instant coffee (31,9%), Quick-cooking cereals ( 23,6%), animal feed (28,2%) and confectionery (13,4%).

In the 2016 year Nestle investments in the Russian economy amounted to 4,1 billion rubles., Just past 20 years the company has invested in the development of the Russian production of about $ 2 billion.

Last year, the largest investment project in Nestle Russia and Eurasia was the opening together with the Syrian Partners Rus factory in Perm, a new line of breakfast cereals; It was invested 1,3 billion rubles.

According to Rolland, 90 percent sold in the RF products are manufactured today in Russia.

"Is a local production for us a key factor," - he said, adding that Nestle directs significant efforts to increase the proportion of local raw materials in the production and development of its own suppliers. To date, about 70 90 percent of raw materials and packaging are made per cent in the region.

In the 2016 year Nestle failed growth in almost all areas, despite the decline in consumer demand in Russia.

"Last year was a good year for Nestle, we have been able to strengthen its position (in the region)," - said Rolland.

The highest growth was observed in the direction of baby food and feed for animals, he said.

"I can say that we will continue to invest in the development of the Russian market. Russia is one of our main markets. We will do everything to ensure a strong presence in the Russian market, "- Rolland said, refusing to predict the volume of investment this year.

Nestle - one of the world's largest food and beverage manufacturers. The company was founded in the year 1866, its representative office in Russia since 1995 years. The portfolio of Nestle over 2 thousand. Brands. In the region of the Russia-Eurasia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Mongolia), the company has factories 11, 8 of which are on the territory of Russia.

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