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surrogate Sales in Russia are growing, but the market falls

Russians against the backdrop of the economic crisis began to prefer "certain surrogates" of alcohol - more cheap wine and Viskov drinks, but drink less did not, according to experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

In general, the alcohol market is showing a drop is not the first month. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in January-September 2016, the retail sale of alcohol in Russia amounted to 720,5 million liters of absolute alcohol, which is 2% lower than a year earlier, and 8,165 billion liters in volume.

“People in the country have less money, a crisis, the alcohol market is falling, but it is insignificant, rather people migrate between categories, choosing cheaper ones or even switch to certain substitutes,” said Yuriy Yudich, head of the Alcoexpert analysis group.

Switch to surrogates

According to Rosstat, the most serious drop in sales compared to the other categories of alcoholic beverages shows whiskey - 8,7% for the first nine months. The reason is quite simple - it's an expensive drink, in a crisis it can afford not everyone, explains the head of the Research Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets "TSIFRRA" Vadim Drobiz.

"Whiskey fall, because it is a very expensive product, it is a status in Russia. whiskey market just clear of unnecessary consumer market premium spirits were only those to whom it is put on the social status. Therefore, whiskey sales fell 33% for the last two years ", - he explained.

However, in Russia in the sale is a cheaper substitute for whiskey - Viskova drink, demand for which is growing even adds Yudichev. "In the low-price segment has Viskova drink, alcohol is added to rectified even many imported products, it is allowed to do in terms of legislation, and that it may now be sold better. A very nice whiskey previously grown now peaked category, and therefore experiencing excessive growth of the disease. Like our domestic brands - grown, and then stopped ", - he said.

A similar situation with surrogates has developed in the category of wines, they say in the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia. “In our country there is an opportunity to produce a wine drink - it is a wine with water, a kind of wine substitute, it is less tasty, but cheaper and many people go to wine drinks. If you look at Rosstat, then wine drinks even grow. They are simpler, cheaper, and their development leads to the fact that sales of (natural) wines are reduced, ”President of the Union Leonid Popovich told the agency.

The regular fall ...

The total drop in retail sales of alcohol market experts do not deny. "All the experts, including representatives of retail chains, diagnose recession, but I do not think that the fall of catastrophic. I think the situation with alcohol consumption in Russia remains unchanged for many years, in general, "- said Yudichev.

This, for its part confirms Popovic - sales of wine declined. "We feel the fall, we do not like, but naturally - the population is impoverished. We have over the years have convinced some part of the population does not drink vodka, and wine and champagne, wine, because drinks are not very poor people, but just the middle class, namely, he is now considered to be the most affected. And when people have less money, they save not on bread, and wine, "- said president of the Union of winegrowers.

The expert noted that the retail sales data is different from the wine market from those giving Rosstat (1,7%). "According to our data, the wine even greater drop than 1,7%. But if 1,7% - this is happiness, we hope that by the end of the year we will play it all, and we will not look worse than last year, because there is a New Year sales ", - he added.

... Or record growth?

However, producers and distributors of alcoholic products decline demand decline and even vice versa - they speak about growth. For example, the company Abrau-Durso reported a record increase in sales of wines, including a premium line. "We recovered after the crisis associated with currency fluctuations and we expect that this year will be a record year. As a result of 2014 year - the most successful in history - we sold 27,6 million bottles, 2015 had a drop - 25,43 million bottles, and this year we forecast that we will even surpass the results of 2014 year, previously counted on 27 million bottles, but now we change Forecast, "- said RIA Novosti company spokeswoman Daria Domostroeva.

Reported an increase in sales and the company "Ladoga Distribyushen" (vodka "Tsar", wine Conde Otinano, liqueurs Fruko Schulz). "As a result of 9 months of this year sales of" Ladoga Distribyushen "rose 11% compared to the same period of 2015 years," - RIA Novosti said the president of Veniamin Grabar.

Alcohol consumption in the country has decreased, emphasizes Drobiz. "In any country, with the tightening of the crisis is increasing the consumption of alcohol, we can not be an exception, we only grow may demand from the end of 2014 years, and a drop in sales due to the fact that a group of people - active alcohol consumers decreased due to the demographic crisis "- he concluded.

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