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Professionals from around the world will meet at the exhibition "Meat Industry. Chicken King. Refrigeration Industry for agriculture / VIV Russia 2017 »

This unique international project covers almost the entire world agro-industrial market. For already 15 years the exhibition is an ideal meeting place for professionals of the agro-industrial complex from all over the world engaged in growing, keeping farm animals; Production and processing of eggs; Production of fodder, equipment for slaughter; Processing of meat, dairy raw materials, grain crops and production of finished products.

The basic concept of the exhibition - safety and quality of products "from field to counter" - is gaining increasing popularity and support of the world's leading agricultural powers and serves for further integration in the field of livestock and poultry production due to the growing interest of the world market towards quality and safe products.

More than 2017 companies from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Iran, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries, which will present the latest technologies, equipment and innovative projects in the field of livestock, pork, poultry, fish farming, fodder production and animal health.

In addition to individual stands, national pavilions of France, China, Korea and the USA will be presented.

This largest specialized event in Russia will open the Meat & Poultry and Fish & Seafood Summit 2017, the main tasks of which were formed thanks to the effective analysis of the Summit for leaders of the agro-industrial sector of the economy in September 2016 in Sochi. Within the framework of the Sochi Summit, its participants showed particular interest in supporting the export of agricultural products, feed production, the development of aquaculture and fish processing, the production of pork and poultry, as well as trends in brand technologies in modern conditions. Leaders of the Russian agro-industrial complex, leading specialists of the sector, foreign analysts and heads of specialized associations and unions made reports.

At the Meat & Poultry 2017 Summit, which will be held on May 23, 2017, current trends in the Russian market for the production and consumption of meat products, safety and quality issues, future forecasts for meat trade in the main world markets, as well as sequential steps to introduce and use new technologies in each of the industries for the production and processing of animal protein.

On May 24 and 25, 2017, the Fish & Seafood Summit will be held, at which industry experts will discuss the prospects for the development of the Russian fishery complex: strategies for modernizing the fishing industry, the formation of national and transnational clusters, the creation of engineering sites where technologies and methods of their implementation will be developed, and the localization of production in Russia. During panel discussions, this issue will be discussed taking into account regional specifics.

The prospects of introducing innovative technologies for storing and transporting raw materials and finished products have always attracted the attention of specialists. In view of these interests, the Consultative Center for the provision of a continuous refrigerating chain "from field to counter" - "Cold for the AIC", organized with the support of Rossoyuzholodprom, where specialists in the industry will be able to obtain the necessary information regarding refrigeration for each particular enterprise, will work at the exhibition. Representatives of companies working in the field of transportation, storage, industrial air conditioning and ventilation, provision of refrigeration systems to warehouses, farms, poultry factories, processing enterprises will answer questions and provide ready solutions.

Narine Bagmanyan, President of the Asti Group exhibition company, noted the importance of the tasks set for the organizers, since the market situation is changing quite quickly and Asti Group sees its main goal in organizing events aimed at solving issues related to import substitution, increasing the potential of Russian companies to provide quality food products to the domestic market, as well as to enter foreign markets and increase exports.

Detailed information about the exhibition and the Summit on the website

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