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ProfHolod introduced sliding doors on Fermatic system

ProfHolod company specializes in the production of professional equipment used for storing heat and cold - namely, sandwich panels (filling - polyurethane foam, foams), cold rooms and doors, as well as shaped elements for them. The launch of production of new sliding doors on heavy series Fermatic system developed by the French company Fermod (the world's leading refrigeration fittings), ProfHolod informed in October this year.

Now customers have the opportunity to purchase sliding refrigeration doors with a new drive, which is intended for structures of limited size (width - no more than 3 mm, height - 100 mm), the total weight of the door leaf should not exceed 4 kg.

Features sliding doors on Fermatic system from ProfHolod:

The moving part of the system is located inside the rail (track). The rail has a protective function and makes maintenance much easier. The track is made of bichromated galvanized steel, the thickness of which is 4 mm.

It is necessary to pay attention to other qualities of this door system, for example, attractive appearance and excellent sanitary properties, due to which the area of ​​application of the sliding door is greatly expanded. It is recommended to install it in cold rooms of any volume: in warehouses and in terminals where there are no special hygienic requirements. Such a door is ideal for premises where a monorail is used, as well as carrying hand trucks with cargo, using mechanized forklifts. Important is the fact that it is possible to stabilize the climate regime in rooms with a sliding door on the Fermatic system.

The specifics of the installation and adjustment work sliding doors (see. Here) exclude the possibility of any difficulties due to the simplicity of the process. System Mounted directly on top of the door frame. Versatility Fermatic system is the ability to use it for different types of doors: to the right or left back. Some advantages of this new product makes it the best option in case of necessity of equipment of this kind.

Reference: Company ProfHolod has long been successfully operating in the market of high-quality sandwich panels, increasing the level of knowledge of consumers about modern insulating materials. Certified products are high quality, precise execution line, convenient logistics system - a major part of the benefits that await potential customers. ProfHolod knows how to keep cold and heat on a professional level.


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