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Milk producers have opposed RFID-tags

Milk producers have found it impractical introduction of dairy product labeling radio frequency RFID-tagged, which is now mandatory label fur. This follows from the letter that the National Union of Milk Producers ( "Soyuzmoloko" includes industrial manufacturers, in particular, Danone's and PepsiCo) and sent.

about. Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Deppischproma Irina Fedina.

Last week, the Department of Food and Processing Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in preparation for the meeting of the State Commission for Countering the Illicit Trafficking in Industrial Products, asked food manufacturers to submit their proposals on types of products that are appropriately tagged with RFID tags before September 28.

RFID tags for dairy products, on the one hand, does not solve the problem of the struggle with forgery, and on the other - will lead to quite serious cost for manufacturers and products more expensive, according to the "Soyuzmoloko".

The key problem in the cost of RFID-tags, according to RNS executive director Artem Belov Union. "As far as I know, the cost of one RFID-tags can reach tens of rubles. Provided that a carton of milk, for example, is 40- 50 rubles to any increase in production costs and the price on the shelf it may lead, you can imagine ", - he said.

The concept of "traceability" should not be replaced by the notion of "tracking", that is, tracking the movement of products from the manufacturer to the counter, says the letter "Soyuzmoloka." The implementation of the information system using identification marks should be carried out in stages, in the form of an experiment, exclusively for a limited number of industries or groups of products, in analogy with fur products, with justification, and also standardized principles for the formation and use of identification marks, the milk producers consider. "The use of this technology with respect to the labeling of dairy products is considered inexpedient," summed up Soyuzmolok.

To combat forgery need to increase the penalties for unscrupulous producers, the executive director of "Soyuzmoloko". "Problems can be solved only in one way - increasing the penalties. If we increase many times the fines for fake - and now there are such initiatives - we solve problems 90% ", - says Belov.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry proposed to extend the pilot project on the labeling of fur products to other products, such as shoes, garments and carpets.

Pilot project on labeling of fur products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) was launched in April 1. In August 2016, the requirement for labeling of fur products in the territory of the EAEC was mandatory.

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