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Milk production in Russia increased by 3%

Milk production in Russia in January-April this year increased compared to the same period last year 3%, said Wednesday at the head of the Ministry of Agriculture colleagues Alexander Tkachev.

"For four months this year, milk production in the agricultural enterprises increased by 3%", - the minister said.

He said, the "RIA Novosti" that at the last meeting with industry associations requested the sectoral departments to submit proposals for the creation of the Ministry of Agriculture Russian Expert Council on the development of dairy farming.

"In my opinion, we need to strengthen the work with the industrialists in this direction", - said Tkachev.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in January-April of the current year in farms of all categories produced 8,9 million tons of milk, which is 0,8% over the same reporting period of the year 2015.

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