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Poultry production in the Russian Federation finally stabilized

Poultry production in the third quarter of 2016, has stabilized after a rapid growth for more than ten years. It is reported by "Kommersant" with reference to the data of the analytical center "Sovekon".

According to experts, in the next quarter, the release of poultry may even be reduced, despite an increase of 6,3% in the first quarter and 3,7% - in the II.

According to Andrei Sizov, the director of Sovekon, the main reasons for the decline in output are reduced demand for products, the continued decline in Russian incomes and rapid growth rates in the past (average production growth from 2000-s was 13%). According to Galina Bobyleva, the general director of the Rosptitsesoyuz, other negative factors are the stagnation of product prices and the increasing costs of poultry farmers.

According to Bobyleva, the domestic poultry market is already saturated and domestic demand is fully satisfied. In turn, representatives of Auchan, Metro Cash & Carry and Lenta told the publication that there was no decrease in demand for poultry meat. The head of the National Meat Association, Sergei Yushin, notes that poultry meat occupies 45% of the Russian meat basket, while foreign markets, primarily China, are closed for domestic poultry farmers amid restrictions on the domestic market. “And the process of entering the markets of the Middle East and North Africa is going hard, in addition, there are strong competitors, mainly from Brazil,” Yushin believes. According to the head of the meat association, in the XNUMXth quarter, poultry production may even decline due to a further rise in prices for soybean meal.

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