Overdue Products are not afraid of the Danes

In the capital of Denmark in November opened a second shop selling products with expired shelf life, due to the high demand for them, says the publication The Local.

The first such supermarket earned at the beginning of the year in the urban district of Amager with Wefood part of the project, the second opened its doors in the Nørrebro district.

The publication notes that the supermarket trading in the "low price" liked housewives, hipsters and pensioners.

"Is not it wonderful? Candy can lie a hundred years, and nothing will happen to them, because they have sugar ", - quotes the edition of the pensioner which bought a box of chocolates as a gift for Christmas grandchildren.

All products provided by manufacturers, suppliers and other supermarkets for free. Sale of expired products in Denmark is not prohibited if it does not pose a direct threat to the health, he writes "to Lenta.ru."

At the moment the idea is not to throw out products with expired shelf life is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. So, in February, the French authorities have banned supermarkets throw away food. Retailers must pass products with expiring charities, and those - those in need. One of the French parliamentarians approved the bill, said that the new rules will help to feed the poor 10 million.

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