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Provokatsionnaya advertising naggetsov from Burger King

Quick service restaurant chain Burger King has released a continuation of the provocative campaign. By the slogan "Let's nalizhemsya" and "Look not to aggravate the" added an obscene gesture, addressed the main competitor.

The new banner created for the campaign "Nuggets of 69». On the Internet, social networks and on the corporate website broadcast the original version, with the slogan "This is for those who have more nuggets." The Wi-Fi network subway advertising is more calm: "We have again made them." The original slogan was replaced at the request of wi-fi in the capital's subway operator "MaksimaTelekom".

The press service of Burger King explain that to cash in a crisis - it is an act, not commendable. "Corporations should exercise social responsibility, to care about the society in which they live, and sometimes sacrifice their profits to maintain the loyalty of the guests", - reported the press service of the company.

In the history of Burger King, there has already been an advertisement with an indecent gesture, only from french fries. The poster was created by Young & Rubicam in 2008 for New Zealand. After the terrorist attacks in Belgium, the print found a second life - it was used in social networks as a symbol of protest against terrorism, writes

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