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Government approves ban "dry alcohol"

The Russian government has conceptually supported the bill to ban the production and turnover of alcohol products in dry form, with a few remarks to him, it follows from the revocation of the Cabinet on the draft law, published on the government website on Wednesday.

The project, developed by Rospotrebnadzor, in particular, proposes to amend the law on state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, adding to it the concept of "alcohol-containing products in the dry state", as well as a ban on the production and circulation of these products.

Dry alcohol - alcohol encapsulated powder which forms an alcoholic beverage when mixed with water. Attempts to sell alcohol powder were made in Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. In 2014 Lipsmark the company announced its intention to sell in the US "powdered alcohol" under the brand Palcohol.

According to the official withdrawal of the government on the bill, the proposed definition of alcohol-containing products is not consistent with the concept of "spirit" in the dry state, which is defined as alcoholic beverages, which is manufactured using ethanol that is produced from food raw material or alcohol-containing food product, and does not apply to drink wine.

In addition, the bill does not provide responsible for the production and trafficking of "dry alcohol" and proposed legislation change requires clarification, since it does not allow the possibility of introducing a ban on the circulation of "dry alcohol" is not associated with its production.

At the same time, the government notes that the most urgent now is to introduce a ban on the circulation of the above products, because its production usually takes place outside the Russian Federation. The government supports the bill, subject to updating, taking into account the comments writes "BBC News," referring to the review.

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